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True Brewer™ 5 Gallon Consumer Compost Tea Brewer

The Compost Tea Brewing Manual

5th Edition

The Field Guide


Actively Aerated Compost Tea


Dr. Elaine Ingham’s guide to applications of actively aerated compost tea, now available for the first time!  This has been compiled from emails written by Dr. Ingham from 2001-2003 and provides applications, rates, spray equipment specifications, mechanisms of impact, effects on diseases/pests and data collection forms.  178 pages of critical information never before available in book form.

Dr. Ingham’s comprehensive manual on making, applying and assessing compost tea is now available in its brand new 5th edition, featuring a bound cover, quality color photos and a great deal of updated information and insight from the renowned scientist.  A must have for any user of compost tea from backyard gardener to range manager.