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True Brewer™ 5 Gallon Consumer Compost Tea Brewer

ECO Compost Activator

ECO Brewing Compost

True To The Roots™

100% Earthworm Castings

Our exceptional quality worm castings are produced in a climate controlled environment with a consistent food stock to yield castings of the highest quality.  No bedding, worm eggs or thermal compost mixed in, True To The Roots™ are pure castings.  OM of 65%, use ten times less material than traditional compost with better results.

Excellent for top-dress applications, incorporated into the soil for new installations, as a component of soil mixes, as a planting aid to reduce transplant shock and encourage vigorous growth, to reduce watering requirements for trees and shrubs, and also as the ideal compost for compost tea production.

Our castings are tested for biological and chemical integrity by the Soil Foodweb Lab.

Our general purpose brewing compost is a great choice for all of your daily brewing needs.  Composed of our premium grade vermicaste blended in a specific proportion with our fungal compost and our proprietary Super Humus.  Tea brewed with ECO Brewing Compost is suitable for all plant material.

Balanced blend of proprietary humate, kelp meal, paramagnetic rock minerals and mycorrhizal spore.  Developed to activate and enhance microbial activity in compost.  Mix with compost at the rate of 50 lb. ECO Compost Activator per yard of compost.  Mix immediately prior to application.  Great for activating compost prior to brewing.  Recommended for beginner or advanced brewers.

ECO Soilbuilder™ Ancient Humus

Green industry professionals have all experienced the benefits of adding compost to their operating protocols; however securing a consistent source of high quality material can be a challenge.  Adding to the difficulty associated with hauling and spreading compost, it is hard to justify the benefits of using compost against the many practical realities that accompany its use.  Finally there is a low cost, easy to spread, concentrated and consistent form of compost available to the professional. 

ECO Soilbuilder™ Ancient Humus is a consistent form of naturally granular , ancient compost that has an incredible biological profile, a complete micronutrient and trace element package, 8% Humic and 9% Fulvic acids, and it passes easily through standard rotary top dress equipment.  Now you can supplement organic matter deficient soils with this ultra concentrated form of stable organic material.

ECO True Brew™

Compost Tea Formula