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True Brewer™ 5 Gallon Consumer Compost Tea Brewer

Special Features

  1. Patented Brew Sock

  2. Stainless Steel Quick Connectors

  3. Waste water grade aeration wand

  4. Polypropylene valve and fittings

  5. Slim Spirling Ring Technology

  6. Imoto Technology

All True Brewers™ come with a lifetime consultation service that has been developed to create a global community of “True Brewers.”  Our goal is to bring the operator to a level of confidence that will allow them to comfortably disseminate the information and techniques that accompany the age-old art of compost tea production.

Designed for a small landscape service or nursery; the True Brewer™ 60 is suitable for brewing enough tea to cover 4 (drench)-6 (foliar) acres per day.  The True Brewer™ 60’s compact size and affordable price allows the landscaper to experience the benefits of compost tea this season.  Savings in watering frequencies and fertilizer applications will pay for the system within the first year.

True Brewer™

60 Gallon Professional Compost Tea

Brewing System